Auto Body & Collision RepairServices for Tacoma, WA

LoanerCars Available!

Here at Center Collision we have 6 Loaner cars available to our client base that we can loan out at a reduced rate. Call us at (253) 779-8342 to get more information!

MINORAccident Damage Repair

Have you been in an accident? Have you damaged your hood, bumper or fender in a wreck? While a minor accident may sound insignificant, body shops define it as an auto repair costing less than $5,000.

MAJORCollision Repair

A major accident can be a nightmare. In one moment things can change dramatically, we're here to help out as much as possible when this happens. In a body shop, a major collision is typically an auto repair over $5,000 but can exceed $20,000 on a brand new vehicle.


Painting a car to mirror a factory finish requires excellent products, a great paint booth and skilled technicians.

A paint job should not only look great but also last a lifetime. Great paintwork is no accident and it all starts with the preparation. The key is creating a surface that is smooth, free of imperfections, and clean. Proper preparation requires great care and attention to detail. Many people judge the quality of accident repair by how smooth the paint looks, matches and shines so we put great effort into every paint job.

Center Collision Paint Services

Complete Paint Job

A complete paint job will look as good or even better than a factory paint job. The difference between a budget paint job and a quality paint job is significant. We remove trim pieces, door handles, lights, etc… instead of taping over them creating a clean finish on all parts of the panel. Here at Center Collision we have experience with many cars, new and old.

Paint as Part of a Repair

A great car repair should be invisible. The goal is not to be able to tell the vehicle was repaired. Our best work goes unnoticed by everyone. Because paint is such a large part of this, we take great care to matching the paint and properly blend it into existing paint on the vehicle. We use only quality materials so that the repair lasts as long as the car.

  • Computerized paint mixing system
  • State of the art paint booth
  • Base-coat/clear-coat paint system
  • Certified painter

Certified painter

Painting vehicles can have a negative impact on the environment if the proper procedures are not followed. We do everything possible to minimize the environmental impact of painting cars. Multiple filters remove dust and contaminants from the paint environment before it is released into the air. We also maintain our facility to the standards outlined by Puget Sound Clean Air Society.


Center Collision is now offering a lifetime transferable warranty with The National Transferable Lifetime Warranty (NTLW). Even if you sell your car, any collision repair is warrantied and your vehicle won't have any diminished value. No matter where you move, the NTLW has you covered.

This ensures that your warranty is transferable and will not become void even if you trade or change your insurance company. By selecting a verified NTLW auto body shop, you can be sure that you're covered.