Minor & Major CollisionRepair Services for Tacoma, WA

MinorAccident Damage Repair

Have you recently been in a car accident? Has your bumper, fender or hood been damaged in a wreck? While it may sound insignificant, a minor accident is defined as a repair costing less then $5,000 by most body shops.

These repairs typically include replacing or repairing, doors, fenders and hoods. They may also include mechanical work and minor accidents almost always require paint work. Most repairs can be completed in just a few short days getting you back on the road safe and sound.

Center Collision Minor Accident Repair

Here at Center Collision we use high quality repair materials that are backed with our lifetime guarantee, so that the repair is seamless and lasts.

The last and possibly the most important step is painting the vehicle. Our thorough preparation process and high quality paints ensure that your vehicle has that "straight from the lot" finish. We match the paint to your vehicle and blend it into adjacent fenders and doors in order to achieve a perfect color match.

Here at Center Collision our goal is to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. We know its no fun getting into an accident and we know you have lots of collision shops to choose from, so let us show you the Center Collision difference, "Where we make you feel like family."

MajorCollision Repair

Getting into a major accident can be a nightmare. Here at Center Collision we are here to help you and hopefully make the process easier.

In a body shop, a major collision is typically a repair that can cost over $5,000 however it can exceed $20,000 when a brand new vehicle is involved.

Center Collision Major Accident Repair

We know that your main concern is whether your vehicle is repairable. Here at Center Collision we work with the insurance company to issue an estimate, while at the same time find out if the vehicle is a total loss (also referred to as "totaled"), as well as determine the extent of the repairs to prevent any future problems.

Our facility is fully capable and qualified to get your vehicle back to factory specifications, no matter what the amount of damage is.

After a major collision repair is completed, all mechanical and suspension components are inspected and replaced or repaired as necessary. Your vehicle will feel, drive and run like new when it leaves Center Collision. All body panels are replaced or repaired as necessary along with checking all gaps between fenders, doors and hoods, etc… Paint is the finishing touch, giving your car that "straight from the lot" look.

A major wreck can be a hassle but we can at least handle the insurance process and car repair for you, letting you focus on more important things. At Center Collision we are here to help you, our customer, so feel free to contact us or call us at (253) 779-8342 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate.